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South Carolina state and federal laws encourage workers to report fraudulent practices or violations of employment laws committed by their employers. Under the qui tam and whistleblower laws, employers may not retaliate against an employee reporting in good faith, even if the accusations turn out to be unfounded.

What is qui tam?

Qui tam is the shortened form of the Latin phrase, “Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur.” The phrase translates to, “He who sues in this matter for the king (government), as well as himself.”

In cases when the report results in a conviction for a criminal act or civil award or settlement, the reporting employee (or group of employees) is eligible to receive a percentage of the settlement or financial recovery made by the government.

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Before You Report A Whistleblower Or Qui Tam Lawsuit

If you are considering reporting your employer under the qui tam or whistleblower laws, it is important to understand the process. In order to be eligible to receive compensation or a percentage of the recovery, you must be represented by legal counsel prior to filing the report.

If You Are Facing Retaliation For Reporting

If you have reported harassment, discrimination or a violation of wage and hour laws to your HR department or have hired an attorney and are facing retaliation, your employer may be violating the law. You have the right to stand up for yourself at work, and you have the responsibility to other employees to stop the illegal policies.

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