What Every Cyclists Should Do If Hit By A Vehicle

What Every Cyclist Should Do If Hit By A Vehicle

Whether you’re out on your bicycle enjoying a warm day along the South Carolina coast or you use your bike as a means of transportation to take you to and from where you need to go, being struck by a vehicle is a serious incident. Even if the bike-versus-vehicle accident doesn’t seem (or feel) like a big deal at first, the pain from a crash may take hours, even days to register in your body.

As a cyclist, it’s important you know your rights on the road and in the event of a collision. Even when fellow vehicle drivers are alert, they may not be on the lookout for two-wheeled vehicles traveling alongside. If you are hit by a car while bicycling, there are steps to take and those to avoid, to ensure you are treated fairly.


Types Of Car Vs. Bike Collision

As with many accidents, the victim of a bike vs. car collision may not immediately remember the details of the crash. However, research shows</span there are two types of wrecks involving a bicycle that happen most frequently:

  • Rear-ended: The most common way a cyclist is hit by a vehicle is from the back. Some 45 percent of bike vs. vehicle crashes occur when the two vehicles are traveling the same direction.
  • Left turn: Often when a vehicle is attempting a left-handed turn, they’re rarely looking backward to see if a bicyclist is approaching. The car drive takes the left turn, never seeing or expecting the cyclist until it’s too late.  

While South Carolina has no law that mandates bicyclists ride with a helmet, it’s a wise safety measure and one that could save your life. Even still, if you’re hit by a vehicle while pedaling along the Grand Strand, contact Hopkins Law Firm. We’ll answer your questions and help you decide if legal action is necessary for your situation.


Do I Need A Lawyer For A Bicyclist Vs. Car Incident?

It’s rarely the case that the driver of a vehicle or their insurance company want to pay the just amount to a cyclist after a crash. Even is the driver’s insurance offers a settlement, it’s wise to contact a Charleston bike accident lawyer. Before you reach out for legal counsel, follow these steps to protect yourself while still at the scene of the crash:

  • Call police and ambulance.
  • Get contact information of vehicle driver.
  • Stay silent. Avoid making statements like “I’m ok,” or “I didn’t see you coming.” Statements like this allow the at-fault driver’s insurance to deny or limit your claim.
  • Listen to the driver’s words. Any admission of guilt (i.e. “I thought the light was green”) can help justify your case.
  • Get witness information.

Your health and safety are the most important factors, so even if you feel “fine,” allow the medics to examine you or transport you to the hospital. You may have an internal injury that you can’t immediately detect, and if any pain does begin to surface in the coming days, you have a record of visiting the hospital for proof that an injury exists.

If you are a cyclist and were hit by a vehicle, the Hopkins Law Firm can help you receive the compensation you deserve to better your health and cover medical expenses. Contact us today for a consultation.