Speeding Tickets And Reckless Driving

Handling Your South Carolina
Speeding Ticket

It’s a natural question: Is it worth fighting your speeding ticket or reckless driving violation you received along the coast of South Carolina?

We are the criminal defense lawyers of Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, in Pawleys Island. We will be the first to tell you that, in some cases, it makes more sense to pay your ticket than to fight it. If you have had a clean driving record for many years and aren’t likely to get another moving violation in South Carolina or your home state anytime over the next several years, it makes sense to pay your ticket and slow down.

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However, if you have a somewhat messy driving record, with speeding tickets and other moving violations scattered across the years, you can probably figure that you will likely get another ticket in the next year. And that changes the equation completely.

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Fight Your Ticket

The consequences of a speeding ticket or reckless driving violation on your record can be severe. Like most states, South Carolina operates on the point system. Each moving violation will (generally) count as four points against your record. At eight points across any 12-month span of time and your insurance premiums are likely to increase or you may not be able to renew your policy. At 12 points, you will likely be labeled as a “habitual offender” and face an increase in your license tab renewal fee. You will also face a driver’s license suspension.

Just Passing Through?

Make no mistake — your South Carolina moving violation WILL be reported to your home state’s DMV, in the event you were just visiting or passing through. Fighting your speeding ticket in South Carolina requires a local defense lawyer who understands the laws and court expectation. Keep your driving record clean here — and in your home state.

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