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Facing Sexual Discrimination

Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace come in many forms. Some forms of discrimination can be very subtle and almost unnoticeable at first such as a supervisor taking more time to provide important training for men. Sometimes, the harassment and discrimination can be very overt such as lewd jokes or deliberately passing over an employee for promotion based solely on sex.

If you have a sense that you are suffering sexual harassment or discrimination in your workplace in South Carolina, trust your instincts; you probably are. Call Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, in Pawleys Island to discuss your employee discrimination case with one of our attorneys.

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Experience To Know Sexual Discrimination When We See It

Attorneys Bill and Clay Hopkins have more than 30 combined years of experience aggressively representing workers facing various types of harassment and discrimination on the job. We know how to investigate these types of claims, we know what strategies employers use to cover up their policies and practices and we know how to win full and fair settlements and trials.

Individual Cases And Class Action Lawsuits

We represent individual workers who have suffered the indignity of harassment and discrimination on the job. Chances are, though, there are probably many others at your workplace who are experiencing the same violations. Our class action litigation attorneys also represent groups of workers who face systemic employer discrimination based on illegal employment policies.


There are various state and federal laws against employer retaliation for reporting harassment or discrimination. If you were fired or suffered any kind of retaliation after reporting your concerns with your HR department, you may be eligible to file a claim under federal qui tam whistleblower laws.

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