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Protecting Workers From Illegal Non-compete Agreements

Employers use non-compete agreements to protect themselves from workers taking trade secrets with them when they are recruited or hired by a competing company. Often, the agreements not to compete are a valid way for an employer to protect intellectual property without a patent. Too often, however, companies enforce these agreements too stringently, leaving laid-off or terminated employees no options for finding work within their field of job skills.

If your employer in South Carolina is forcing you to sign an agreement not to compete, or is enforcing an agreement you signed before leaving the company, you may be facing a violation of your employment rights.

Bring your employment contract to Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, in Pawleys Island. Employment lawyers Bill and Clay Hopkins have decades of experience settling disputes related to employment agreements and winning in court, if trial becomes necessary.

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Are You Required To Sign A Non-compete Agreement?

Many employers require new employees to sign non-compete agreements as a condition of employment. While the legal foundation of these agreements is legal in South Carolina, the wording and provisions often prove too restrictive and may not be enforceable in court. Before you sign, let us review the contract and explain your options if we advise you not to sign.

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Before you push back against your employer, get the facts straight. Let us review your agreement in a free consultation. If your employer is violating your rights, and you hire us to represent your interests, we will aggressively pursue a fair outcome that protects your rights.

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