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Holding Lawyers To The Standards Of Our Profession

Individuals admitted to practice law in South Carolina are held to the highest standards of professional ethics, continuing education and integrity. Unfortunately, like any profession, some lawyers don’t take their legal responsibilities as seriously as they should.


We are the attorneys of Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, in Pawleys Island. While we know that any professional can make a mistake, we also believe that law firms have a professional responsibility to make sure their clients receive prudent legal advice for their circumstances and vigorous representation for their litigation matter.

When Attorneys Make Mistakes

While the large majority of lawyers know their skills and limitations, many run into trouble by taking on cases that are beyond their experience, knowledge or training. The more complicated the legal issue, the more common it is to see mistakes made, including:


  • Deliberately accepting a case outside the scope of expertise
  • Failure to seek co-counsel as the complexity of the case requires
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Intentional misconduct to increase billable hours
  • Misappropriation of retainer funds
  • Fraudulent billing practices
  • Missing a court filing deadline and required attendance
  • Failure to communicate with the client

Hopkins Law firm founder, attorney Bill Hopkins, has served as an expert witness on many litigation cases involving attorney negligence. We have experience.

Contact Us — Representing Clients In Legal Malpractice Case For 20 Years

Not every attorney’s mistake is a case for negligence. Sometimes, malfeasance is a matter for the South Carolina Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel. You won’t know until you meet with an experienced attorney. The team of legal professionals at Hopkins Law Firm, LLC has been holding lawyers and law firms to high professional standards for more than two decades. Call us at 843-314-4202 or schedule a free consultation with an attorney to review your case.

We Are Here to Help

Contact Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, at 843-314-4202. If you would like more information about your specific case, you can meet with an attorney from our Pawleys Island team. We will listen to your story, let you know what we can do, and how we can help. You may also email us with a detailed description of your case and we will reach back out to you. We are your local attorneys and we are here to help.

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