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Lawyers Resolving Disputes Over Executive Compensation

Executives and highly compensated individuals are often the lifeblood of a successful business. Businesses often promise whatever is necessary to get the right talent on staff. The stakes are high, particularly for small and midsized private businesses. When performance goals aren’t being met, disputes often arise about expectations.

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Experience To Read Between The Lines

If you are a South Carolina business owner or a management professional involved in a dispute over a compensation package, talk to an attorney at Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, in Pawleys Island. Attorneys Bill and Clay Hopkins will review the agreement and evaluate the foundation of the dispute. Our firm is recognized among the preeminent employment law firms in the coastal region, with more than 20 years of experience successfully resolving disputes and winning in court, when a trial becomes necessary.

Don’t Sign Until You Know What You Are Agreeing To

Many executive agreements are poorly written or ambiguous about expectations. Whether you are a business owner considering signing an agreement with an executive hire, or a management professional considering an employment opportunity, it is important to make sure the terms of the agreement are legally airtight and leave no room for interpretation. We will review the written agreement and offer our legal advice on recommended changes, if necessary.

Hopkins Law Firm
Hopkins Law Firm

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We offer a no-cost consultation to discuss your circumstances, with no obligation to retain us as your legal counsel. Call us at 843-894-2377 or use the email form to contact us online as soon as possible. We are able to advise and represent you on a number of employment law issues.