Employment and Covid-19 Issues

We talked with Clay Hopkins last week about the latest issues many are facing with employment and the complications of Covid-19. Things are changing daily and if you have an issue you are concerned about regarding employment or your civil rights during this time, DO NOT HESITATE to call us. We are doing free consultations via phone or video conferences.

We packed a lot of information into this call. If you would like to skip ahead to a question below our the timestamps for your convenience.

:26 – Issues with unemployment filing and updates.
1:26 – Update on employers getting unemployment for staff
1:50 – Furloughed workers
3:47 – Can my employer fire me if I don’t show up to work because I am afraid of getting sick?
6:54 – Can my employer fire me if I do not have childcare and can’t show up for work?
7:32 – Expansion on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
9:50 – I can’t pay rent, utilities, bills…what are my rights?
11:59 – Additional note on FMLA – 12 Weeks of leave
13:11 – Can my employer lay me off at this time?

Do you have questions you would like for us to address? Make sure to send us an email at Info@HopkinsFirm.com. or call 843-314-4202.