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Coastal South Carolina Driving Offenses Lawyers

The team of experienced and skilled lawyers at Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, in Charleston and Pawleys Island, South Carolina, has earned the firm a reputation as one of the preeminent law firms aggressively representing local residents and visitors who have been charged with driving offenses by local police.

Is It Really Worth Fighting Your Traffic Ticket?

Keeping your driving record clean may not seem too important now. But what about the effect on your auto insurance costs if you get another one in the next year? A DUI or speeding ticket can cost you your driver’s license. We help you fight to keep your record clear.

We are ready to aggressively protect your driver’s license and record from offenses such as:

We Are Here to Help

Contact Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, at 843-314-4202. If you would like more information about your specific case, you can meet with an attorney from our Pawleys Island team. We will listen to your story, let you know what we can do, and how we can help. You may also email us with a detailed description of your case and we will reach back out to you. We are your local attorneys and we are here to help.

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